Hey everyone!

Posted 04 Apr 2012 in Blog

Hey everyone, in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, the website has been under reconstruction!  So welcome to the new site!!!  It’s been long overdue.  Songs will soon be linked to ITunes and you can purchase them now from the website store.  Lots of new songs coming at you!  My 3rd Album called “Livin on Love” is now available.

While I’ve been away writing and recording, I penned a Pittsburgh hometown tribute song called “Black and Gold”.  It’s a rock fight song that gets you pumped up and proud to be from Pittsburgh!  I also wrote an original Christmas song called “Under My Tree”.  I was fortunate enough to be asked by Froggy radio to perform live on the air during this past Christmas.  You can find a clip of it on the “Video” page.  My original song “Did You Cry”, which is on the “Calling All Cars” album,  has been placed into rotation on Froggy radio this past February and is currently being played!  If you like it, please call Froggy and continue to request it!

Things are going great and the music just keeps getting better and better!!  Still many more trips to Nashville planned, and many more songs to write.  Stay tuned for further updates and hope you like the new website!

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